Mappd was founded on three simple values:
Work hard. Be creative. Do good.

Work Hard

Be Creative

The pre-health professional students we help are some of the hardest working people we know, and we aim to give as much as you do.

Do Good

We hope that Mappd will be a game-changer for every future health professional. Beyond our initial platform we released in 2020, we have a million more ideas to make everything even better. We’ll keep creating, and we’ll keep improving.

We want to improve collaboration and communication in the pre-health world. Walking the path to becoming a future health professional is hard. What should not be hard is finding the path, nor navigating it. Information on the pre-health process should be available to everyone, and that is why we offer as much information as we can for free through our blogs and podcasts. For our signature service, Mappd App, we are working hard to provide the highest quality while keeping the costs low.

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