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ACT offers 100% online certification programs with

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  • Land clinical experience & patient care roles in 6-8 weeks.
  • Obtain in-demand healthcare certifications employers seek.
  • Become a more competitive candidate for medical school.

Online Healthcare Training & Medical Certification Programs

ACT's online certification programs are specially crafted to provide pre-med students with the essential tools they need to prepare for medical & PA school and launch their careers in healthcare.

By combining clinical exposure, flexible learning options, expert guidance, and recognized credentials, ACT's online certification programs  are tailored to empower pre-med students like you as you embark on the journey towards medical and PA school.

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Online Healthcare Training & Medical Certification Programs

Including ACT’s certifications into your medical / PA school application offers distinct advantages:

  • Demonstrates Proactive Learning: Completing ACT’s certifications showcases your proactive approach to gaining medical knowledge and skills.
  • Signals Dedication to Healthcare: Admissions committees recognize your commitment to the healthcare profession, as evidenced by your pursuit of additional certifications.
  • Sets You Apart: Having ACT’s certifications on your application distinguishes you from other candidates, demonstrating your willingness to go above and beyond in your education.
  • Strengthens Your Candidacy: ACT’s certifications strengthens your overall candidacy, presenting you as a well-rounded applicant ready for the challenges of medical / PA school.

Your Fast Track to Clinical Experience  

Fast-Track to Healthcare Careers: Get certified in 6-8 weeks with focused online training programs.

Hands-On Learning: Practice skills with realistic virtual clinical simulations.

Flexible Online Learning: Study on your schedule, wherever you are.

Real-World Experience: Gain practical training through our externship program.

Career Support: Get help moving from class to career.

Advanced eClinical Training (ACT) certification programs include 4 easy phases: 

  1. Online * Self-paced Coursework — Choose when, where, and how much you study. Most students finish our courses in about 8-weeks, but some complete them in a few days. 
  2. NHA Examination — 97% of ACT students pass their certification exams on the first try. 
  3. Clinical Placement (optional) — Our nationwide network of clinical partners gives you the chance to practice your new skills in a safe learning environment.
  4. Job Guarantee — If you don’t find a job within 6-months after certification, we’ll offer you a full refund.
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Certification Programs Overview

ACT's Certification Programs for pre-med students offer a flexible, practical, and industry-relevant learning experience focused on clinical experience. 

These programs empower learners to gain valuable skills, practical experience, and credentials that prepare them for success in medical school and beyond.

Medical Assistant (CCMA) Program 

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As a medical assistant, you could work in clinical settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, diagnostic testing centers, and surgical specialties. We match you with a clinical placement aligned with your graduate school requirements and career goals. 

You’ll learn essential patient care and clinical skills in this 8-week certification program, such as: 

  • Medication Administration and Management
  • Assessing Vital Signs
  • Cardiovascular Diagnostic Testing
  • Administering Injections
  • Assisting with Surgical Procedures

This certification prepares you to obtain employment in the medical speciality most aligned with your overall career goals. 

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Patient Care Technician Certification (CPCT)

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Patient Care Technicians are an integral part of the healthcare team. In this position, you’ll hone your teamwork skills, as well as your clinical skills. A guaranteed clinical placement provides a safe space to practice your new patient care skills. 

Prepare for working directly with patients with a simulations-based curriculum covering topics, such as: 

  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Specimen Collection and Testing
  • Electrocardiography
  • Patient-centered Communication

This rewarding and demanding career path proves to admissions committees that you’re invested in exceptional patient care to admissions committees.

Transform your career by learning critical patient care skills with ACT!

Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT)

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In as little as 12 weeks, you could be working at a hospital or retail pharmacy. In this role, you collaborate with pharmacists to fill patient prescriptions. Pharmacy schools often look for applicants with pharmacy-related work experience. 

You’ll feel confident in your ability to provide compassionate care to patients with modules covering topics, such as: 

  • Dispensing Process
  • Pharmacy Calculations
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Infection Control 

You’ll also get a guaranteed clinical placement at a Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy. We place students in pharmacies nationwide. This clinical experience ensures you have prior job experience and a competitive advantage for pharmacy school applications. 

Become a pharmacy technician with ACT’s 100% online certification course! 

Physical Therapy Technician Certification (PTTC)

If you’re interested in sports medicine, rehabilitation, or pain medicine, then you should take this certification. As a physical therapy technician, you’ll aid patients with different rehabilitation services. 

You’ll master clinical skills to deliver exceptional patient care through modules on topics, such as: 

  • Therapeutic Prescriptions 
  • Gait Training & Ambulation
  • Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • Assistive Devices 

This certification gives you the opportunity to improve the quality of life for your patients. You’re on the frontlines of their recovery and rehabilitation. Plus, hands-on patient care experience could give you a competitive edge in your graduate school application. 

Showcase your dedication to the medical field with a Physical Therapy Certificate! 

Flexible enough to fit around your full class load, job, and extracurriculars

To meet the needs of busy pre-health students, our programs include the following features:

  • 100% Online — Study from your phone or computer at any time. Including 24/7 instructor support by messaging, email, or phone. 
  • Virtual Office Hours — Expert instructors available for multiple time zones to answer your questions. 
  • Self-Paced Coursework — Instant access to your certification course. No due dates enable you to set your own learning pace. 
  • Clinical Placements — Choose from our nationwide network of partner clinics to find the perfect clinical placement. 
  • Simulation-based Curricula — Bring real-world medical scenarios to your studies with immersive patient simulations and virtual laboratories. 
  • Hands-on Experiential Learning — Injection practice kits, local workshops, and mock interview prep enhance your virtual learning experiences. 
  • Lifetime Career Services — Talk to a career counselor for a resume or CV review, interview preparation, or job search assistance. 
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