Gift Cards
If you know someone would benefit from the Mappd software or from our 1-on-1 advising, you can now buy gift cards.

Available Gift Cards

1 Session Gift Card
Personal Premed Coaching Gift Card, Single Session, Anytime

If you want to give the gift of reassurance to a friend, family member, or someone else to make sure they are on the right track or need help figuring out what the right track is for them, then you can give the gift of premed advising. This gift card can be redeemed for a 45-minute call with one of our premed experts to help put their mind at ease, knowing they are making the best decisions moving forward.


1 Session, 45 minutes

One-Year Access to Mappd Gift Card
Access to Mappd Gift Card, 1 Year

If you know someone who would benefit from Mappd, the premier technology platform helping premeds track and navigate their journey to medical school, you can now gift them one year of access.


One-year access to

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Regular Price: $79.99/year or $7.99/month
Current Price: $69.99/year or $6.99/month
Current Public Beta Pricing
Mappd is designed for premeds who plan to start medical school in 2-5 years. If you're not ready to join Mappd yet, join our email list and we'll keep in touch with updates.
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