Application Essay Feedback
Medical school applications include various essays regarding your life and preparation for entering the medical curriculum as well as other, shorter narrative descriptions of your activities. Often, these essays are the most difficult part of the application. Let our expert advisors assist you in crafting essays that highlight the best “you” so that you will be noticed in the admissions process.

Available Essays Packages

Personal Statement Basic Package

Having extra eyes on your Personal Statement, especially those of a seasoned professional, can be very beneficial.  Are you telling your story well?  How can you better guide the reader to understand who you are and why you want to enter the medical profession?  We can assist you by answering these and other questions with written suggestions.


2 Rounds of Edits, No Sessions

Personal Statement Starter Package

Don’t know where to start?  Don’t know how to tell your story effectively?  We can help you stand out in the admissions process with expert guidance on your Personal Statement.  This package includes a 45-minute, 1-on-1 session to discuss your story and what you want to tell as well as 2 rounds of edits.


1 Session, 2 Rounds of Edits

Premium Package, Personal Statement and Activities Descriptions Editing

In addition to what is included in the Personal Statement Premium Package, we will also edit your Activities Descriptions to make sure that you are highlighting the best aspects of what you have done.  In fact, Activities Descriptions can often be more difficult to write since you have less space (300 to 700 characters) in which to tell your story.


1 Session, 2 Rounds of Edits

Secondary Application Essay Editing

Secondary Application essays are typically more focused on the mission of that particular school. Additionally, Secondary Applications often ask similar questions as the Primary Application but with a nuance that makes them more difficult to write without being repetitive.  Our focus in editing Secondary Application essays is on continuing to help you tell your story in a way that is meaningful.


5 Schools, 1 Edit Each

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