Premed Advising and Application Coaching

Experience the difference expert advice can make with guidance from seasoned professionals with years of work in the field of medical school admissions. We have services available for those who are several years away from actual application to those who are right on the cusp of the application cycle.

Application Essay Feedback

Medical school applications include various essays regarding your life and preparation for entering the medical curriculum as well as other, shorter narrative descriptions of your activities. Often, these essays are the most difficult part of the application. Let our expert advisors assist you in crafting essays that highlight the best “you” so that you will be noticed in the admissions process.

Interview Preparation

The medical school interview is the final obstacle between you and an acceptance to medical school. You need to be prepared for the gauntlet of questions that the interviewer might ask you. Mock interviews are the most effective method of preparing for the interview.

Mappd Software

Not looking for 1-on-1 help? Our interactive, experience tracking software allows you to navigate your premed journey with confidence.

Gift Cards

If you know someone would benefit from the Mappd software or from our 1-on-1 advising, you can now buy gift cards.

Meet your advisors.

Ryan Gray, MD
CEO and Co-Founder, Mappd.

Dr. Gray has personally advised hundreds of premeds on the path to med school, and he's helped thousands more through his podcasts, videos, and books.  When Dr. Gray started MedicalSchoolHQ and the Premed and MCAT podcasts, his goal was to help make the premed process smoother and to provide accurate, objective information.  Too often information is handed down as "expert" when it actuality it's only one person's experience, and it may be subjective, or out of date.  What worked for your family doctor or older sibling may not work for you.  By regularly interviewing prehealth advisors, deans, and directors of medical school admissions from all over the country, Dr. Gray is continually adding to his expertise and sharing that benefit with his listeners and advisees.

2020 - Fully Booked
2021 - Limited Availability
James Scott Wright, Ed.D.
VP, Academic Advising

Dr. Wright's admissions expertise covers the entire picture of admissions. In his 10 years at UT Southwestern Med Admissions, Dr. Wright reviewed around 40,000 applications to medical school and was instrumental in the decisions that made up a medical class of students each year. In his 6 years at UT Dallas, he advised hundreds of students annually,  advocated for them, and helped them craft successful applications.  Finally, at TMDSAS, he helped both populations -  medical schools with the data they needed to make decisions and medical school applicatants with the process of applying.

2020 - Limited Availability
2021 - Available
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