Wednesday Wisdom by Dr. James Scott Wright

Thoughts on the journey, personal growth, and making a difference.


So here we are…at the end of a long political season.  Some of us are in the midst of early voting, others of you will wait until actual election day and then cast your ballot.  Either way, we all have a civic responsibility to help direct the present and future of our nation.  Regardless of your political views, and the candidates you will choose, we should all be diligent to participate in the democratic process by voting.

No doubt, there are strong views on both sides of the political spectrum.  Particularly these days when the voices are loud, and the opinions are robust.  One thing that we all seem to be able to agree upon is that there are significant issues that need to be addressed and resolved.  Healthcare in America being one of those issues.

As premed students, you should be informed about the policy issues that are relevant to this ongoing conversation and what the proposed solutions are.  Certainly, these are issues that could come up in a medical school interview setting.  But also, these are issues that will affect your future career and therefore warrant your attention.

My suggestion: do some reading on the issues related to healthcare reform and determine where you stand on the potential answers.  Read about the proposals on both sides of the issues…don’t just research the topics from your own individual political and social perspective.  Varying viewpoints can help illuminate the array of options being discussed and open our minds to new ideas.

And I hope that it would go without saying, please vote!  Exercise your rights as a member of American society to choose our leaders and to help direct the future of our nation.

The challenge for this week is… TO VOTE!

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