Wednesday Wisdom by Dr. James Scott Wright

Thoughts on the journey, personal growth, and making a difference.

Commit Yourself to Impacting the World

I decided to write a weekly blog to challenge premed students to think in new ways.  To perhaps ponder new perspectives on various topics.  Or maybe to learn new information that could be helpful on your journey toward being a healthcare professional.

It’s not like I have all the answers.  I rarely even know all the questions.  But together we can explore ourselves, the world around us, and how we impact others in our daily lives.  After all, as a premed student, you are on this journey ultimately to have a positive effect on the health and well being of your patients.  So why not let’s start that process now?

Which brings us to my thought for this week…a commitment to service.  Let’s together renew our lives to reaching out to others.  In big or small ways.  To impact friends and family; to shatter barriers that separate us and in doing so we connect and learn.  For some of us, that might be easy, may be even a continuation of what we are already doing.  For others, it might represent a real challenge to get out of their comfort zones. Either way, the result will almost certainly be beneficial to both ourselves and those around us.

The challenge for this week is to SERVE THOSE AROUND YOU.  

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