Wednesday Wisdom by Dr. James Scott Wright

Thoughts on the journey, personal growth, and making a difference.

A Big Fan to Support You

His name is Wilkie and he is a 9-year-old Pomeranian.  He loves to cuddle and take naps.  He also loves to play and go on walks.  But most of all, he loves his Daddy (me!).  When I have been gone, even for just a short time, Wilkie is so excited to see me when I return.  Bouncing up and down, wagging his fluffy tail, licking my face, and whimpering with joy.  He is my biggest fan!

We all need fans.  Those people around us who cheer us on.  The ones who stand by us…through thick and thin.  Who support us when we need encouragement.  They are our cheerleaders.  Standing on the sidelines of our lives giving us the ability to move on through the journey.  

The journey for you as a premed is sometimes a very tough one.  Going to classes, studying for exams, working a job, trying to find volunteer and clinical activities, preparing for the MCAT…it all takes lots of effort and requires tons of physical and mental energy. And it is a journey of endurance requiring continued focus and motivation.

So, you need those fans.  Those cheerleaders in your lives.  You need a cadre of people around you who will urge you on toward the finish line.  Sometimes these people are friends, peers on the journey.  Others might be family or friends who are not premed students but who can stand up and cheer for you anyway.  Maybe some of your fans are healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, or others) who have been through the journey previously and can relate to your stress.

My encouragement is for you to seek out cheerleaders.  Find those around you who will support you on the journey.  Those who will give you encouragement.  They will be an integral part of your success and bolster you when you falter.  And at the end of the journey, they will celebrate your successes and motivate you toward your next effort.

The challenge for this week is to FIND THE CHEERLEADERS IN YOUR LIFE.

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